Education for Public Integrity
Education for Public Integrity
March 2018

By teaching people about public integrity we give them the knowledge, skills and behaviours to fight corrupt practices and establish new behavioural norms and values for society. The OECD’s work on education for public integrity will harness young people's natural desire for fairness and equity. The goal being sustainable cultures of integrity and a better future for all.

Education for Integrity
Key sections
Anti-Corruption: empowering our youth to fight corruption begins with ensuring that they understand how to recognise it. We include lesson plans to help young people understand corruption’s causes and consequences, and introduce them to concepts such as the need for transparency.
Integrity & Values: when corruption and unethical behaviour become part of everyday life, it is critical to establish what public integrity is and why it matters. This section includes tasks that teach students how to define and identify values, and how to find solutions to ethical dilemmas.
Rule of Law: this section provides educators with lesson plans and tasks to help students understand how rules and laws protect all members of society, and why rules and laws must be obeyed - even when no one is watching.