Welcome to the beta-version of the OECD Anti-corruption and Integrity Hub

Corruption raises the cost of business, undermines public trust and hampers growth. It disproportionately affects the poor and vulnerable by diverting resources from essential public services such as health care, education, transportation and water sanitation.

Combating corruption and promoting integrity requires a whole-of-society approach. With the new OECD Anti-Corruption and Integrity Hub, we aim to strengthen our collective impact by providing a point of reference for the global anti-corruption and integrity community to learn, connect, and take action. We welcome your feedback on the beta version of the ACI Hub, ahead of the ACI Hubís launch in 2020.

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Jurisdictions have started the automatic exchange of bank information, marking a huge step forward for tax transparency
billion USD - the value of imported counterfeit and pirated goods worldwide
of foreign bribery involves public procurement
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